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Dream BIG & Live BIGGER

Purpose: To motivate, inspire and empower Women to seek-out, locate, obtain, and flourish in their God-given abilities to impact their lives and the lives of other.

Mission:  Assemble god-fearing, educated, limitless, no nonsense women together and develop a network of professionally sound, diligent, creative, never-stopping, lady-building mechanisms that will honor God, family, and career.

Slogan / Newsletter 

 (S. P. R. I. N. K. L. E.    S. A. L. T.)

S - Spring-into, P - purpose by, R - Receiving, I -  Inspirational, N - next-level, K - Knowledge in, L - living, E - empowered and, S - Sharing, A - A, L - Lady's, T - Touch

Scripture:  Matthew 5:13

 Ye  are  the salt  of the earth : but  if  the salt  have lost his savour , wherewith  shall  it be salted ?

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